A History of Google Plus, Google's Social Media Site

A History of Google Plus, Google's Social Media Site

By Avi Kishundat
May 31, 2018

Google Plus, also known as Google+, was Google's answer for social networking following the downfall of Google Friend Connect and Google Buzz. It was launched in 2011 by invitation only but there was a huge demand and Google found itself having to suspend invitations. Only existing users could add new people to the site at the time with users allowed to invite up to 150 new individuals. In September 2011, the Google Plus platform was opened to the general public.

Connections on the site are organized by circles of acquaintances and family members. There is no category for 'friends' on this platform, which separates it from many of the other networking sites. These “Circles” allow users to manage the groups of people that they’ll want to have accessing certain materials, which is a useful feature for both businesses and individuals.

Google Plus Hangouts allows people to video chat and participate in events as a group. People can watch videos and share information and the hangouts can be recorded.

This is one of the social media sites that created a buzz right at the beginning and it looked like Google Plus was going to be one of the big boys in terms of social marketing platforms. When it first launched it only took 2 weeks to reach 10 million users. By year’s end in 2011, there were 90 million people registered on Google Plus with approximately 60,000 users joining every day.

This growth spurt, however, was not an indication of things to come. People were still using Twitter and Facebook and had grown quite attached to them. Another thing that led to its lack of popularity was the fact that people had to use their real names to join and if the account looked suspicious it was immediately suspended.

Google Plus may have been Google's optimistic plan to overtake the giant Facebook but things didn't go according to plan. The site was stumbling and failing while at the same time Facebook was growing larger. Currently, the site is being reworked to build up a platform that offers a social experience that a larger audience would find appealing.

Google has been successful in so many different areas that it's hard to imagine that they won’t be able to come up with something that will rival other social media websites. For now we’ll just have to wait to see what types of changes take place with Google Plus and whether it will have the potential to be a giant amongst the other social sites.