A Brief History of Instagram and Its Rise to Fame

A Brief History of Instagram and Its Rise to Fame

By Avi Kishundat
Jun 12, 2018

Instagram was first introduced to the Internet world of social media back in October 2010 and since then its growth has been phenomenal. It wasn’t that long ago when most people were unaware of this social media site. Now, millions of people flock to Instagram every day to make a connection with others using visual communication.

Users are able to share their lives with others using videos and photos. It's a media sharing platform that is completely unique when compared with the other social platforms. A user snaps a photo and the image can be customized using a filter to make the photo look amazingly professional and artistic.

Instagram is a word that was derived from a combination of the term 'instant camera' and the word 'telegram'. It quickly grew from 1 million users in 2010 to 10 million users the next year. As the momentum grew, Facebook took notice and purchased the Instagram app for $1 billion in April 2012.

After Facebook acquired Instagram the number of users and photos on the site skyrocketed. Following the purchase the number of monthly users went up to 80 million and by the start of 2014 there were almost 150 million Instagram monthly users.

Facebook breathed new life into the app by introducing photo tagging along with a new feature called "Photos of You", which showed a collection all the tagged photos of the user. These features were also good for businesses that were using the site for marketing since the tagging lead to increased revenue for many companies.

In July 2013 the company added yet another new feature by allowing links to be added to videos and photos. This made it easier to share the media content. Later that year, ads were introduced to the site and users were given the opportunity to chat privately with one another through videos and photos. Up until this point all communication remained public.

In 2014, Instagram was the fastest growing platform for social interaction on the Internet with 150 million users heading to the site every month. Now, Instagram boasts 800 million monthly active users and 500 million active daily users. It can be said without hesitation that this social networking platform has far exceeded any expectations that we may have had for it at the beginning.