What You Need to Know About the History of Pinterest

What You Need to Know About the History of Pinterest

By Avi Kishundat
Jun 19, 2018

Pinterest was first founded in 2009 by Ben Silbermann and went live in 2010 as an invite-only, image-sharing site. It officially launched in 2011 and had 10,000 users within 9 months. At this time it also introduced an iPhone app, which was exciting for mobile users. Pinterest made it to the list of the "50 Best Websites" published by Time Magazine in August 2011.

This is a platform where users can save images and also put them into categories on their Pinterest boards. Users can follow different profiles and boards in the various categories such as art, cars, home design and travel.

At the beginning of 2012 Pinterest had left its mark on the social media community with more than 11.5 million users. It was one of the fastest-growing sites ever and in March 2012 it became the third largest website for social networking in the US following Tagged! and LinkedIn.

In October 2012, Pinterest added a new feature to keep the site positive and members respectful of one another. Offensive and negative activity could be reported and users also had the ability to block others from viewing and following their profiles and boards. Around the same time businesses were invited to set up a profile on the site and the growth was outstanding.

Even though it doesn't have a long history behind it, Pinterest is a giant in terms of social media networks and has grown beyond expectations over a relatively short amount of time.

Most of the features that you see on the website today were there at the very beginning. The site incorporated a layout that was grid-like in design and this layout has proven to be extremely popular. All of the founders are proud of the site since it offers something completely different and makes people do things offline that they're talking about doing online.

Pinterest should grow and flourish as a stand-alone social media site that allows users to tell their own stories to others through images. It's a unique concept that was never expected to explode the way it did due to its innovative design.

Pinterest now boasts more than 175 million users on a global level with more than 50 billion Pinterest pins and 1 billion Pinterest boards. Millennials are especially drawn to the site and use it just as much as they do Instagram with the average age of active users below 40.

This is a social media site that should be taken seriously in terms of its marketing potential and recreational social interaction. Anyone that needs ideas for products or services can head to Pinterest to get their answers.