The History of Social Media: A Walk Down Memory Lane

The History of Social Media: A Walk Down Memory Lane

By Avi Kishundat
May 29, 2018

Today the term 'social media' is a part of our everyday vocabulary but it wasn't very long ago when the term was nonexistent. There was a time when we didn't have social media networks on the computer and the popular way to communicate was by either phone or mail. Here is a brief rundown of social media history so you can see its timeline:

1997 - Six Degrees

The first media site promoting social interaction was called Six Degrees. Users of the site could create a social profile and then become friends with other users. This site remained active from 1997 up to 2001.

2002- LinkedIn

In 2002 LinkedIn took the spotlight as a social media website devoted to professionals. It was, and still is, dedicating to linking up members based on their occupations.

2003 - MySpace

MySpace took on a life of its own in 2003 and was the inspiration for other social media sites that came along later including Facebook.

2004 - Facebook

This is the year that Facebook was launched and since then we have never looked back. It has become the most popular website for social networking in the world.

2005 - YouTube

YouTube first began in 2005 as a video sharing service and continues to grow stronger every day. In 2006 Google purchased YouTube for a whopping $1.65 billion.

2006 - Twitter

This is the year that Twitter came to life and it was launched on a worldwide scale.

2007 - Tumblr

In 2007 we saw the introduction of Tumblr into the group of social media websites as a place where people could network and as a microblogging site.

2010 – Pinterest and Instagram

This is a photo sharing website allowing users to pin images on their pinboards. It's a place where people share comments and images and where an image really is worth more than 1000 words.

Instagram also started in 2010 as a social media service featuring the ability to share videos and photos with other users. It was later purchased in 2012 for $1 billion by Facebook.

2011 - Snapchat

Like Instagram, Snapchat is a video and photo sharing social media site that has become increasingly popular throughout the years.

Fast forward to today where there are thousands of media platforms for social interaction. Some come and go quickly while others take time to simmer and grow. We have outlined some of the most popular social media sites for you to help you see that the social media revolution is really quite new.